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Help with Dynamic Value list and related fields

Question asked by tomhicks on Oct 18, 2018
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Dynamic Value List


So basically, when I select the LOCATION field in the PERSONNEL ACTION table I want the dynamic value list for the NAME SKELLY COLEMAN OFFICER field to only show the officers that on their related record in the SKELLY COLEMAN OFFICER table are associated with that location to show.


Based on what I did below this works, however, I also want other fields from the SKELLY COLEMAN OFFICERS table to populate on the PERSONNEL ACTION table. Example I want their cell number to appear in the CELL (SKELLY COLEMAN OFFICER table) that I have placed on the PERSONNEL ACTION table. But right now when I change the name of the officer in the NAME SKELLY COLEMAN OFFICER field the cell will not populate.


Help please


I believe I have set the relations between my tables properly and the

and the fields for the value list