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Relationship based on a shared value list not pulling portal data?

Question asked by wedgeman on Oct 18, 2018
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So i've got 2 tables:   Reports, and Questions


Both have a field (ReportType)

Both fields are populated by data from a Value list




The relationship seems rather straightforward.



On the Questions table, the fields are shown as checkboxes (ie, hundreds of questions, some of which may show up in multiple report types, so they would be checked for each appropriate report).


On the Reports side, one chooses the correct report, and it (theoretically) should pull the appropriate questions via that portal, thereby presenting appropriate report questions.


The problem I'm getting is that IF I base this relationship on this VL, it doesn't pull anything.


However, if I base the relationship on a checkbox set of numbers (Ie, a value list of numbers 1-8 - and create the same checkbox setup in Questions table (then relate them by a corresponding number in the Reports table) the relationship pulls the data perfectly.


Is there a problem with using a VL in this manner?