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Help needed in generating a list report

Question asked by JoeMugnai on Oct 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Jason Wood

Running FMP Adv 16. Looking for the best way to handle this situation. Examples are simplified.


I have a list of stores:






Each store has a number for sales in each month (Jan, Feb, Mar, etc.) I would like to generate a report for output so I can plot the monthly sales on a graph (via Excel).


Since sales data involves a new entry each month, I didn't think it a good idea to put everything in one table.  I currently have two tables - stores and sales. These are related via a unique code number for each store.


I can easily see monthly sales for each store in a layout using a portal. I cannot figure out how to have a report that would provide a list similar to:


Store:Red     JanSales     FebSales     MarSales     AprSales   

Store:Blue     JanSales     FebSales     MarSales     AprSales



Even better if the sales columns can total for each month, but that isn't necessary as it can be done after output to a spreadsheet.



Again, the full list is more complicated than this as I have individual department sales for each store and other factors I would need to use as filters for data.


What would be the best way to set things up and achieve the above result?