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Mentor needed for the weekend

Question asked by Cécile on Oct 18, 2018

Context (you may skip!)

When I started working on my client's solution, I started by building this beautiful shell. It seemed I could not stop improving it, procrastinating on the core programming needed, and it became clear that I would never get the tool ready in a decent amount of time. So I abandonned what I was doing and took one of the sample solutions, Estimates, to modify it for our purpose. It still took an awful lot of time but I eventually delivered a solution that worked with only a few bumps I managed to fix.  That was phase 1. The client had lots of more functions requests. Caught in my personal life challenges, I kept pushing back the start of phase 2. Since he was slow to pay, I did not feel too bad about not being available. But he eventually paid all and that left me with the pressure to work on Phase 2.


After an entire summer away from FM, it took me a while to get back into it. I even had to read my own "Did you know that" series for a refresh!!! I feel again overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge I need to get in my brains, guilty that I have not really gotten around to find time to test and get to the guts of 17 to understand the issues and situations discussed here, or to learn how to use MBS which would have been useful to search and replace stuff I manually did yesterday. I am also sad and stressed that I need to finish this phase quickly to go back to finish the work on my dwelling before the snow. Only then will I be able to finally come back for real and enjoy this.


After a question I asked last week, it has become clear that the current solution development was very difficult and limited by the way it was initially set up. I tried to modify some relationships to facilitate the addition of new functionalities and well, everything broke. Since I hated to work in this file original paradigm, I decided it was time to move away from it and rebuild the solution.


So for the last two days I have returned to my initial shell and been recreating tables, fields and layouts, basically rebuilding what I have going on in the prod version but in a better structure.  I expect to be doing this for another day and then I will be again confronted with my "blocks".


The task

I need someone to watch over my shoulder, able to make him/herself available for ad hoc mini talks to clarify questions I have as they come up, through TeamViewer screen sharing and What's app or Viber calls. Getting familiar with the project. Probably some assistance scripting as I am awfully slow but mostly help me with my thoughts process when I confront what I understand of the task/objective with what I know (or don't know) of FM to use to accomplish it.



That will not make you rich but I have a small amount I set aside for this.



If it happens that there is a line up for the position I will choose in function of my affinities with the work I saw from this developer and his/her ability to follow despite the fact that all tables and fields and content is in French (Scripts are written in English).


So if you have the luxury of free time, a philanthropic nature, or just need some pocket change, pm me and we'll go from there!


PS: I have looked in the Community Rules and didn't find anything that would suggest this post is in violation but if it does break a rule or is considered inappropriate, please let me know and I will remove it.