This report should be easy.....but.......

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Hi All,

I need to create a report that sounds like it should be simple but I'm finding it to be quite the challenge and I hoping to ask for some help:


One table:  Work Orders


applicable fields:  Technician, Status, c_Open Qtr ( this is a calc field to calculate the quarter the order was opened)


Tech     Work Order  #     Qtr.     Status

Bob        35                      1        Closed

Bob        87                      2        Closed

Mike        22                     2        Open

Mike        45                     3        Closed


I'm tying to create a report something like this:


SubSummary                Work Orders in last 12 months   Work Orders still Open


     Q1                                          1                                                                 0

     Q2                                          1                                                                 0

Total                                             2                                                                0



     Q2                                           1                                                                 1

     Q3                                           1                                                                 0

Total                                             2                                                                 1


Make sense??


I've really stripped this down to make it simple to follow, I just can't seem to get a count of the total orders and open orders on the same report.

Hopefully this will be really simple for someone!!