Data API as an Import / Export or ExecuteSQL replacement ?

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Oct 18, 2018


I never used it, but I'm wondering if it behaves differently than traditional Filemaker, or server-side script or PSOS.

All of them use a kind are caching the data from the server, and run from their cache. This makes first queries (not just ExecuteSQL, but regular finds also) slower than the second one (which is to me a serious defect).

Therefore all FileMaker operation have that overhead, plus in case of PSOS / Serverside scripting, the overhead of opening the files.

BUT Data API may be the cure for this, I think (or hope) that it creates an always-on "client" which should be able to respond instantly to external requests, perhaps even bypassing the cache, or at least having it on hand.

So it should be free of the aforementioned overheads, and hence respond more quickly.

Maybe for putting Data inside FileMaker, it would do it directly on the server, and not first on the client + a sync.



So theoretically it should be faster than the regular functions to inject or retrieve data. But did someone actually verified this, and noticed some speed improvements. Also, is it convenient to replace imports / exports / ExecuteSQL by Data API calls.



Thanks for your experience on this.


P.S : Yes I know this is not meant for this