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Define a Calculation field

Question asked by FM_DM on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by beverly

I am trying to define a calculation field to work out the difference between the date a job is reported and the date the job is completed. This is then used to set the status of the job (Late or On Time) via a script. So ideally I would like to keep this as a calculation field to avoid over scripting when it's not needed.


I have set the expression as follows which works perfectly:

date_completed - job_reported_on


However when a job does not have a completion date it displays "?" . What I would like for this to do is if there is nothing in the date_completed field for the calculation to give me the number of days from date reported to today's date.


I have tried looking at case but I don't think I am parsing it correct. Any help would be greatly appreciated