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Invoice Starter Solution

Question asked by thehalpeen on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2018 by thehalpeen

My question concerns the on/off ScriptTriggers in the Invoice Stater solution. What do these on/off script do?


I've followed the thread via the Script debugger, but I'm finding it difficult to decipher what these on/off trigger are doing.


The following scripts have these 'on/off' script triggers when creating an invoice via an iPhone/iPad:

  • Add Invoice [+] [Get Script Parameter] | iOS
  • Trigger | Sort Invoice List
  • Go to Selected Invoice | iOS
  • Trigger | Entering Invoice Details | iOS
  • Trigger | Add Line Item | iPhone

Why are these necessary? Can anyone help and provide comments?


Finally, it would be nice if the Filemaker author of this solution provided comments in their starter solution script - like all good/best practice. Is it laziness?