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Sharing the data in "My App" - before I purchase...

Question asked by tippin on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2018 by jvagla

Again - a question from an absolute newcomer.


For my small business, I am looking to purchase the FMAdvanced Pro 17 license.  Only 1 person (me) would be creating apps for use by office and field people.  I have a total of 4 other people who would need to access the app - 2 in the office and 2 in the field.


Here's my question (because the more I read online, the more confused I am becoming)


Can I do what I want with just a single user license and four people connecting using the Filemaker GO app which is a free download, or do I need a 5 user license as well as using the Filemaker Server or Filemaker Cloud packages?


I don't mind spending money that is well used, but I don't want to spend unnecessarily either for our simple requirements.