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How do I calculate how much % of a total is reached?

Question asked by AndreasvanHaren on Oct 20, 2018
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I would like to show in a counter how much % of a goal amount of words has been reached during writing in a text field.


So in my story writing program I have for example set the total amount of words to 80000 for an entire story to write. For this I created a counter field called TotalWritingGoal.


There are 12 story steps fields in this story structure and every story step field has to contain a different percentage of that total amount of words. So for example Step1%Reached needs 2% of the total. Step2%Reached needs 6% of the total etc.


I created this calculation which shows the amount of words that needs to be written in Story Step 1 where the amount of words is 2% of the total story amount


Write::TotalWritingGoal / 100 * 2


and it's easy to do this for all the 12 story steps with their different %, but I would also like to see this displayed in %. So the closer that Story Step is reaching the amount of words it needs to contain, the closer that % number should go to 100.


What would be the best way to do this?