Disappearing or Invisible Text

Discussion created by mchettle on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by philmodjunk

The problem : I have a client with an interesting, re-occurring problem. They have an issue with occasional fields of text disappearing. The text is still there, and can be copied to another field or application, but does not display in FileMaker. When in the field, the text insertion bar is also not visible. Setting up a calculation field, referencing the field in question, also does not show the fields contents. Neither does the same field on other layouts.

I have done a full recovery on the database. No error were found, and the problem still exists.

This problem is only on a particular field on 1 or more records only, not all records, or fields.


This problem is only an issue on Mac desktop versions of FileMaker. The text is visible using FileMaker GO.

I am yet to test on a Windows desktop version.


Any thoughts anyone ? How can I fix this ? Creating a new instance of the field does not fix the issue.


Thx, Mark.