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Question asked by Cécile on Oct 19, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by philmodjunk

I am timidly submitting my graph to get help on some conception questions I have.

If what I have done seems ridiculous, bad or else, I want to hear it WITH the explanation why so that I can learn something.


So I have 3 sets of numbers that will enable me to illustrate my questions.

In the red, you have one table, Estimations and its 8 TO.

Atm I am only working on the "money transactions" types of documents (invoices, receipts, PO, Bids, contracts, BOM, BoL).

Keeping in mind that in the grand scheme of things, I may have to develop for more documents types, I am a bit concerned by Red3 being called Documents__of client, since in effect it is only one class of documents. But that doesn't seem critical.


First question: In the solution, I will want to see only certain types of documents so I created the filtered relationships (Red2). I will also want to see only Client's related documents when in a Client's file. Same for the Projects, a given Project may have a few distinct quotations. (Red 3 and 4).


Since filtering can be done via the graph, via portals, and via a find request on a List View layout, how do I know which strategy should be used?


Second question: I am trying to figure out how to position and relate the product prices (several prices choices for a same item). Should I link the price to Green4 (Lines__of products__included in that estimate) or does the Blue2 relationship will automatically take care of that and, if the latter is true, how is it done (portal definition, field definition, else)?


Third question: conceptual consideration.  Green1 illustrates a defacto process. When making a quote, a consulting firm is basically identifying the needs (besoins) associated with the project and for each they will make one or several "prescriptions", each prescription corresponding to one product.


It is not necessarily my intention to "activate" this notion; the project module of the system will be underused, mostly to store information about the project, its stakeholders and the associated quotes. No real follow-up will be done on needs and the project milestones will be measure in the client's dedicated solution.


What I was trying to do was to understand where/how my products should be related. The Need branch and the Documents (quotes) branch are essentially mirrors of each other at the "prescription"/"Line" point. So I ventured in trying to make a One to One relationship between these two (Green3). however the graph does a one to many link, I don't know why that is. Again that part is most likely not needed but I would have liked to understand how to relate the needs and quotes branches.


Fourth question: is my Green5 where the product should be? And if so, the link should be on ID_Product and ƒid_Product, not on ID_Line and ƒid_Line, right? and how would the price be linked (Green 2 sufficient, to product, to line of estimate?)