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Sub-summary part not sliding up to end of body objects

Question asked by vincent86 on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by vincent86

Using FileMaker 17.  I have a report that prints on 8.5"x11" papers.  We had problems with container fields in the body, that contain images, getting cut off at page breaks, when there is a lot of content.  So, some of the picture would be split to a second page rather than shifting totally to a second page.  We had "allow part to break across page boundaries" unchecked.  We have it sliding up, too.  We found a solution that involved putting the image fields in a sub-summary part and sorting on a constant.  Problem is that the sub-summary part is not sliding up to the end of the body contents, and is always going to a second page, even when there is plenty of room left on the first page to contain everything. We have all the objects in sub-summary part selected to slide up.  Do any of ya'll have any suggestions?  We've tried turning off auto-sizing too.  The order of our parts in our report layout are: Header, body, subsummary, footer.   Thank all of you for any suggestions.