Delete unused indexes

Discussion created by FMCostaRica on Oct 20, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by Johan Hedman

When I started using FileMaker years I had the bad habit of indexing most fields and worse yet selecting the "All" option for the type of indexing, back then I did not understand how this feature worked and since we only had very few records and modules the size of the file was no issue, fast forward to today we now have a full fledge App and little by little I am correcting the mistakes I made in the past, I know that indexing is needed for some fields and the All option is sometimes the only one depending on the type of field so I will leave those as they are but there are a ton of fields that do not need this All option selected and some other fields don't even need indexing at all.


My question is not that I know that some fields don't need indexing how can I delete those indexes so our solution and our backups a a little smaller, I assume if I turn off the indexing for any field the index is deleted, but how about on the fields that had the "All" option selected and now I want to go to none with the create indexes as needed option checked