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Modifying schema progamatically

Question asked by planteg on Oct 19, 2018
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Hello Community,


I am working actively at the redesign of a system made of a lot of files and tables. Among other things that need to get changed, I have table and field names with accented characters and or characters that should not be used such as "/", "+", etc. At this stage, I am testing redesign tasks such as these that will be applied to the real files.


Since renaming tables and fields will be a large chore, I don't want to do that manually, too prone to errors. I know that using scripts, I can't changed table and field names. But looks like it's possible through ODBC and JDBC ( I have yet to read the documentation ). So I would like to get your inputs - my guess is that fmpdude will add its 2 cents in 3, 2, 1 . Then my questions:


  1. Is JDBC faster than ODBC - that's my guess after reading some posts here and there ?
  2. If the answer to question 1 is JDBC is faster, then I am not knowledgeable of Java, so I was wondering if I may use Pyhton instead ? Looks like Python can use JDBC to connect to a database.
  3. Are there any issue I may run into changing the schema that way ?
  4. Any other comments are welcome


Thanks to all