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FM db ID field and Acomba ID field

Question asked by Cécile on Oct 21, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2018 by philmodjunk

My client's accounting is done using Acomba. I don't have the exact configuration but what I got from him the first time I asked for a product table export was ( ! ):


Adaptateur VGA





I asked him to export the IDs as well; and he said those were the ids; I asked him then give me the column of the product name. He said these were it too! I insisted that I needed both and that the ID column HAD to be unique. Eventually I simply copied the ids in the name field so that I would have something there. The IDs are usually unique when the product is created from Acomba but he has in a few occasions made a mistake when he created the product on the Excel spreadsheet.

I would like eventually to make Acomba and the FM file "talk" for the products to update. Atm we upload the products in the file or he creates them within the file. I am not sure exactly how he updates Acomba. Not sure he does. the FM file can convert the quotations to contract and to Invoices. The secretary uses these to recreate the invoice in Acomba, so I guess that is the last point where the products can be created in Acomba. It is the FM invoices that are sent to the client (pretty).


Since I am rebuilding the file right now, I want to know whether I should continue to work with the Acomba ID or I should create a serial and just put the Acomba ID in a field as a reference.


I am not clear whether it is apposite to go either way and why. It is not a problem right now however since I am rebuilding the file, I am trying to do it as thoughtfully as possible and I want to prevent [what I don't know] future problems.