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Work Attendance

Question asked by carla.campomanes on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by carla.campomanes

Hey, guys! I need help for a work attendance solution I'm trying to incorporate in my database..

Any help, input, suggestion, will be greatly appreciated!


In my head this is how I will go about it..

2 tables (relationship joined by date... is that a good idea?):

1) Attendance - 1 record per day


2) Workers - 1 record per worker



     Status (present, absent, or late)

     Hrs late (will just be left 0 if worker comes on time)

     Hrs overtime worked



I will make a layout based on the Attendance table and inside I will put a portal from table Workers - which should display all of the employed workers.


Basically only the shift leaders will have access to this layout, I will place a portal with 17 fixed rows and each shift leader will select their workers based on a drop down list and indicate whether present, late, or absent - with an option to put in hourly overtime hours per shift worker per day.


Now I would like a layout that shows a monthly overview showing each worker with - total days worked, total days absent, total hrs late, and total hrs overtime work done.. In which table do I put these calculation fields? Attendance, or workers? And what sort of calculation would I use to calculate values for each person separately?


And also, overall is my approach a good idea or is there a much better way to go about all of these?


Thank you in advance!!!