FileMaker Can't Determine Character

Discussion created by jfletch on Oct 22, 2018
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A client has supplied a spreadsheet document from "that app which shall not be named." One of his employees has figured out that if you paste content into the formula bar, a cell will accept carriage returns. I am using 360Works Scribe, and having carriage returns in a cell wreaks havoc on the worksheet parsing. I am able to get all the data, and using Scribe's features I have replaced the row and column separators with other characters, so as to leave CRs only within the cells.


The Problem:

FileMaker is failing to properly identify what the character is that LOOKS like a CR in the cell. If I copy the text returned by Scribe into a text processor (TextMate), it shows up as a carriage return, but if I try to identify it with the substitute function it will ignore it.


I have tried:

Char ( 13 ) - Totally misses it

"¶" or ¶ - Does not pick it up


I also tried Char ( 11 ) [Vertical Tab] and Char ( 10 ) [Line Feed] just in case, but no luck.


If I copy the space occupied by the mystery character into the Data Viewer and try the Code function on it, I get this:


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.50.55 AM.png


For those who don't have ASCII/Unicode memorized, 32 is a common space.


That is clearly not a space. Normal spaces do not usually force subsequent characters to the following line.


Is this a bug, or a "feature?"


Is there a workaround?