Standalone Converter file size differences from FM conversion

Discussion created by paolobkk on Oct 21, 2018
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Hi everyone,


I'm upgrading my solution from FM11 to FM17 and I'm testing out different conversion options.

In my database the main file size is 1.11GB when in format FP7.

Here is what I've found using a Macbook Pro 13 inch, Late 2013 - RAM 8GB - OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra:

  • Converting using FMPA17:
    • Time of conversion: 14 Minutes
    • Final file size: 1.15GB
    • File Size after saving a compressed copy: 843.6GB
    • Conversion LOG entries: 3,077 records
  • Converting using Standalone Converter:
    • Time of conversion: 16 Minutes
    • Final file size: 1.44GB
    • File Size after saving a compressed copy: 857.8GB
    • Conversion LOG entries: 1,443 records

I attach on this post the log files and a FM file for easy comparison between the 2.

I'm trying to understand what system is more reliable as I've got 2 different file sizes.

Could this be only about the compression?

Why the Standalone Converter created such a big file and with so many missing details in the LOG?

Do you know of any re-indexing after the conversion?

Any suggestion or information from your experience is highly appreciated.