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Google API Key

Question asked by DuncanRhodes on Oct 22, 2018
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I hope someone is able to help please.


I have FileMaker V12. I've got the following script:


Let( [

url.start = ""  ;

start.address = Details::Start Postcode ;

end.address = Details::End Postcode ;

url.middle=  "&destination=" ;

url.end = "&sensor=false";

result = url.start & start.address & url.middle & end.address &  url.end





Up to a few months ago it worked fine. I've found out the reason why it now does not work is that it requires an API Code. I've got one but need the following help please:


  • How do I add the syntax for the API Code to the script above.
  • We have a FileMaker Server V12 that hosts the files. When I got the API Code I used my email address. Will this API Code work for other users or will I need to use the email address that hosts the files?


Any help would be gratefully appreciated please.


Many Thanks