The FileMaker WebViewer Bridge

Discussion created by jbrown Expert on Oct 22, 2018

Happy Monday all.

As you might know I'm interested in working with JavaScript and the Web Viewer.




(and so forth)


While not everything is a nail, I like to recommend this particular hammer to encourage folks to think about JS in their FM development, and because sometimes JS is the better solution to the use case problem.

Last week I put out a blog post about our framework: the FM WebViewer Bridge. toddgeist built this using his and others' ideas (you can see the citations here). This post introduces the FM WebViewer Bridge with a concrete example using one of my favorite libraries: DataTables.

The bridge framework solves two distinct problems with using JS libraries in a web viewer (read the post to see).


Check it out. Download the sample file, and download the original framework.

In future videos we'll go into detail about how to incorporate the FM Web Viewer Bridge.


For me, this is a game changer. It provides a better way to work with JS libraries. Ill probably start using it all the time (or when it is very necessary).