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Why has FileMaker changed the PDF visibility on its FMP products?

Question asked by on Oct 22, 2018
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Title - PDF/container/visibility

This is a report (not a question) directed to the engineers, not the Community Liaison or any such "moderator".  The internet interface for reporting a FILEMAKER software problem is disjointed.


My report:  There appears to be a serious deficiency and change to FileMaker Pro Advanced, at least with version 16 with the visibility of stored PDF files in the CONTAINER fields.


The entire specifications are


1) FMP Advanced 16

2) Microsoft Windows 10

3) not networked

4) not specified for networking

5) single user developer mode


Symptoms of a problem:  The Inspector tool has been changed to NOT work with non-moving image files, or as FileMaker calls "etc".  Programmers of the FMP Advanced "Inspector" Tool has meshed the functionality improperly of PDFs files (which are flat and not moving), with that of multiple file containing and programmed MP3 files, to be




Clearly, FileMaker is redesigning is software for the internet.  A PDF file is NOT AN INTERACTIVE file. It is a static text file, often.  FMP software writers should immediately re-write the older programming to allow for PDFs to be visible in the database's container fields, as has been done in prior versions.  There are countless customers who rely upon the PDFs being stored in their FMP databases.  I would not mess with those customers.


All related FMP programming for PDF files is consistent with the aforementioned Inspector Tool flaw.  The option to install a PDF is grayed out in the menu bar for inserting a PDF file into a container field.  The choice available is merely FILE.  In the menu options under INSERT TABE- there is NO PDF OPTION.


2)  Container Management offers nothing really in the way of actual storage options that work.  Selecting either Permanent or Temporary file storage in the Container does not alter the fact that the contents of the PDF file is NOT visible.  The permanent or temporary THUMBNAIL options refer to storing the image file over a network.


3) I am NOT NETWORKING any databases I create.