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Scripts vs Custom Functions

Question asked by fmpros on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by TonyWhite

Can someone tell me the bottom line between scripting and custom functions please?  I see that scripts can be debugged easier but haven't run into much else that really sways me one way of the other.  Some say CF should be used when there is a function that is used repeatedly but I can write one useful script that can be used repeatedly.  Custom functions can be hidden in a way, not sure if that's so important.  Scripts allow easier/quicker access to code; not having to switch to the CF calculation system just to see the code.  I can send both parameters and I can return values from both; the analogy with procedures and functions in say C is kinda blurry.  So what is my real justifiable reason for using one vs the other?  Is there a speed issue, a real speed advantage?  Haven't seen it.  I'm stumped and would like to have my own personal justification based on fact for going one way or the other. 

Thanks for any insights on this.