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Sheduled script not exporting xlsx file

Question asked by brenseec on Oct 25, 2018
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Hi there,


I have a script that performs a find, exports the found set as an excel file and then emails (via smpt) the xlsx file to my mailbox.

This works fine when I have the filemaker file open and I run the script via a button.


I have set up a schedule on filemaker server 16 to run this script every morning at 8am. The script seems to work as I get the notification but no file is attached, when I look in the documents folder it appears the excel report has not been overwritten.


Is this a read/write issue with the document's folder on my server (I suspect it is) ? If so what do I have to do to correct this. Is there a difernact folder route I need to consider.


BTW filemaker sever 16 running on Windows server 2012R2