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What's the best way to auto-login users to a Web-Direct page?

Question asked by riggleman on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by mtwalker

I'm looking for an easy way to have users record comments after they Approve/Deny a Purchase Order thru a Slack integration. I'd like for them to be a given a link that they can click to then enter general comments or the reason for rejecting the purchase order. We're running FileMaker Server 17. I'm able to access the comments page via WebDirect and have a dedicated WebDirect user account with access to only the layout and comments fields that is needed, but the credentials page is not user-friendly or necessary in this scenario from my perspective.


How do I bypass the web-direct login screen?


I've seen some suggest to use the File  > Options > Account Login approach, but I really don't want the database to auto-login to the WebDirect account in other scenarios.