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Can the position of an element on a layout be set using variables and a calculation?

Question asked by serval on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2018 by serval

I have to print onto paper forms, and different printers have different x- and y-offset distances for the page and different x- and y-scale factors for positions within a layout (not all printers are exactly 72 pixels per inch). There are 100 elements on a page, so each printer needs a layout customized with 100 x-positions and 100 y-positions.


If I could set element positions via variables and calculations, a few test prints would enable me to calculate the x- and y-offsets and x- and y-scale factors I could enter into Filemaker that could be applied to calculate the position of each element on the page, and I would no longer have to create a customized layout for each printer and manually put the 200 position values into the layout. If the page margins could also be set via variables and calculations, that would simplify the 200 equations needed to set the element locations.