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Problems in Creation time stamp between FileMaker 16 and 17

Question asked by DonCollier on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by DonCollier

Has anyone come across this.   It is concerning.  FIlemaker Server  16.0.2


A transaction list with a creation time stamp  searched on a date in FileMaker the dates come out entirely correctly. In they clearly do not! The screen grab from the two side by side clearly shows the problem.


Exporting the data to a file and opening it has this effect


1) Exported by FileMaker 16  Data is correct and reads correct in both


2) Exported by FielMaker 17 Date is not correct and reads consistently wrong in both 16 and 17.


This is based on a daily transaction run even day and this is the only day this has happened in so far