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Opening External DB File

Question asked by steven.mete on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by eric

Hi there,


I am using a FileMaker Server 17 Server to host my databases and a FileMaker Pro Advanced to access and manage my databases locally. I am currently trying to link an external database with my FileMaker solution as a hyperlink ONLY. So when user want to access the external file via FileMaker


I have already configured DSN ODBC with external data source (MySQL client driver).

I have already configured odbc database as an external data source in filemaker solution.

I have already configured relationship with of fields between filemaker solution and external database.

I have configured field in text field in FM Solution to lookup text field in external database.


Now my question is what type of  scripting should i use to load an image of the external data?