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Schema for Attending Classes

Question asked by craig_gee on Oct 23, 2018
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Just checking I'm not missing anything here. I already have a fairly large/complex database tracking members of martial arts classes. It has a Members table, a Classes table and a Subscription join table between the two. This tracks what classes people are signed up for and tracks payments through further tables.


Then there is an Occurrences table connected to the Classes table which allows us to populate a rota so the Classes records have multiple Occurrences throughout the year.


We are now implementing our registers into the DB and so I wanted to use a join table of Attendance in-between Subscriptions and Occurrences but this then gives me more than one relational path which obviously I can't have.


I can add further table occurrences of course but I can't help but feel I'm missing something. I do need Subscriptions and Occurrences directly connected right? That allows me to view one person's attendance for a particular subscription. Also track that they are coming to the correct number of classes per week (if it's limited in the subscription).


I have attached a little relationship mock up (the real graph is a bit unwieldy at the moment, hence why I'm keen to change my ways and only add TO's when really needed).


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



Class Attendance.jpg