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Sort Records by Field NOK with two objects for the same field

Discussion created by Fabrice Nordmann Expert on Oct 24, 2018
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  • 1 text field


Value Lists:

  • VL_ascending (values: a,b,c)
  • VL_descending (values: c, b, a)



  • 2 named field objects on the layout for the same field. Object names : obj1, obj2
  • obj1 has value list VL_ascending, obj2 has value list VL_descending
  • 2 buttons performing a script A with a parameter ("obj1" or "obj2" )



Script A:

  • Go to object [ Get ( ScriptParameter ) ]
  • Show custom dialog [ Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName )]
  • Sort Records by Field [ associated value list ] // or ascending, or descending - doesn't matter but more obvious with value list



  • create some records with random values in text field (b,c,a,a,b,c…)


Expected result:

  • button with parameter "obj1" should sort records ascending, button with parameter "obj2" should sort descending.


Actual result:

  • Show custom dialog returns a correct result (the corresponding object is well selected)
  • The sort is done on the first instance of the field on the layout, regardless of the active object.