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Getting TinyMCE HTML into a field.

Question asked by sam.gedert on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by sam.gedert

Greetings FileMaker,


I'm using TinyMCE HTML editor for an email broadcast system I've built using plugins from 360Works and MonkeyBready.


Current, I use the MonkeyBread plugin to capture HTML from the TinyMCE editor from a Webviewer in FileMaker.


For the most part, this works well, however, when I have support issues it can be difficult to determine if it is an issue with the editor or the plugin.  I would like to eliminate the plugin, which would also simplify my customer environment as MBS is the only client-side plugin I'm currently using.


Where it's JSON or another method, can anyone suggest the best way to get HTML Generated by TinyMCE into a field without using a plugin?

Here is a link to my current TinyMCE editor.


Let me know what suggestions / ideas you have.

Thanks a ton.