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Forcing a self-calc field to re-evaluate?

Question asked by wedgeman on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by andypieman

Cleaning up some messy data from a previous developer group.


A number of tables have data which was entered using sloppy technique, no management, etc.. so we have 100s of thousands of entries where there are spaces entered in name fields, improper capitalization, etc..


So we modified several fields to be self-calcs - - here's the calc for NameFirst, NameLast, and a few others:

                       RemoveExtraReturns (Trim(Proper ( Self )))


The question is, what's the most processor-efficient method to force all these fields to recalculate themselves and clean up the data?


Is a simple loop thru all records with a "commit record" going to do it?

Or do I need to so something different to force a field to recalculate itself?