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How do I deactivate portal filter?

Question asked by MauriceG on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by MauriceG

Hi, I’m on FM 16. I have a table CON__Consultations. In a layout based on that table, I have a portal that displays  consultations using the relationship CON__Consultations ::IDpk x con_CON__Consultations ::IDpk.

I’m filtering this portal with a rolldown list of names, using the following filter: CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory = con__CON__Consultations::NameProfessional.

I have to be able to display all consultations in the portal, in other words to deactivate the filter. So I added the word All to the list of names in CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory, and then I modified the portal filter to this: 

Case(CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory ≠ "All";

CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory = con__CON__Consultations::NameProfessional;

CON__Consultations::NameTitleHistory   = "All";

con__CON__Consultations::NameProfessional =   con__CON__Consultations::NameProfessional)

The first case works fine, but the second case does not work. I can’t display the entire list of consultations. What should I change to this filter? I’m sure there is a simple solution but I’m not seeing it.