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Revert Record/Request crashes Filemaker Go16

Question asked by brogan6 on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by TSGal

Using Filemaker Advanced 16 on a Win 10 machine

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Using a script on a button in a portal row that adds a record to the same portal. The portal is a transaction portal that displays products as either an "inventory" or an "order". The script pulls the product id of the current portal row (an inventoried item) and adds it to the next row (as an ordered item).There is a validation field set to unique value that is a combination of three fields,  so that it does not add the same record more than once. My script is set up so that when the error=504 a custom dialog tells the user that the record has already been entered and the next script step reverts the record without dialog. Performing on PC works perfectly. When performing on ipad, GO16 crashes after the Custom dialog issues the warning. It does not crash on the first attempt, and if there is only one record. It seems to happen when there are multiple records on the portal and usually after about the third or fourth attempt. Issue happens when the file is hosted locally on the ipad. Issue also happens when shared locally from the PC. Any ideas?