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New stock solution

Question asked by Andrewhubbard on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Jason Wood

Hi All


im about to create a stock solution and before I try to reinvent the wheel, which I sometimes do if I don’t ask here first, do you have any tips / do and dont’s?


Heres My problem that I’m writing a solution for.


I put Beds into houses. All beds consist of two items, the base and the mattress. There are two types of beds and mattress, singles and doubles. I can reuse bases but not mattresses. I want to buy beds and mattresses and keep them in a stock location. All stock is in same location. I will be showing a bar chart with stock levels of items on a dashboard to prompt me when to reorder when levels are low. When I go to my stock location and take items I want to record what I’ve taken and where I’ve taken it to.


I want to to purchase items and put them in to stock.

i want to be able to show a bar chart of my stock levels

i want to be able to take items from stock and use them

i want stock levels to reduce on my chart

I want to record where i have taken my stock


ive read that I perhaps need 3 tables to achieve this and for it to work properly. Can anyone advise please?