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SSL certificate for both Filemaker Server and WebServer

Question asked by LucThomaere on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by fmpdude

Imagine this setup:

- A domain  ""

- Behind the firewall a web server ( and a separate Filemaker Server ( with WebDirect

- They both use internally the same ports (80, 443)

- To connect from the outside to the regular web server, everything is standard. The router redirects 80 and 443 to the web server ( on the same ports

- To connect from the outside with WebDirect you use for example 8080 (http) and 8081 (https) which the router redirects to the Filemaker Server ( on ports 80 and 443.


I think this is a very standard setup.


Now my question: can a SSL certificate created for Filemaker also be used for the regular web server?

Don't think so because I guess the server requests will be different (one created by Filemaker Server and one created by Apache). But it is the same domain "". Do you have to buy a second certificate for the same domain/different server?


Can someone recommend some literature "for dummies" about this subject?