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Repeating fields vs related table for small data set?

Question asked by wimmmmm on Oct 26, 2018
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Looking for some advice on which approach you experienced FM devs would take.


I'm making a backoffice for a startup that's leasing electric bikes to company employees.

Lease period is typical 3 or 4 years.

Once a bike has been handed over to the employee, they get a yearly service budget. Each year they can consume their budget, or what was left over from previous years.

Each service expense is written in a related record


Tables (relevant for this question):

  • order: the actual order, with the start & end period for the lease
  • service: each service record, related to an order record. This service record has a date & amount filed, that is needed for the further calculation below


Say an employee has a yearly service budget of €120, and has spent already €50.

In the first year, I would like to show this:



In e.g. the third year, it could become this:



Detail clarification:

  • year 1 = the period starting on first day of lease, until (startday + 1 year - 1 day). So it's a floating window year, not a clean calendar year
  • budget = the yearly amount + what was left over from previous period
  • spent = sum of amount of service records found in the mentioned year


Since this table is very small, I'm kinda not really convinced I should make a related table for this.

I'm also considering adding 4 fields to the Order table, and have the Repetition set to the number of years the lease is running.


What would you recommend?

Is there even a third way (likely!) that would be better/faster/easier to code/more sustainable in long run?