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Setting variables

Question asked by derlandson on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by derlandson

I am constructing many if then loops to process a lot of raw data that is coming from a csv format.  The basic outline of the loops is at the bottom and I am trying to make this efficient to edit (and process).  Can't figure out a way to test the field (Raw Data::(a long unique name) to be "not isempty" and then within the same step set a variable to be the name of that field.  Can I do this?   Just going to be easier for me to edit into the future if the "long unique name" (which will change at times)  is in just one script step.


Hope that makes sense, thx 




if not isempty (Raw Data::(a long unique name)

     set variable ($fieldtitle); getfieldname(Raw Data::(a long unique name)

     then a bunch of script steps in the loop

end if