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Filemaker Server Reboot Issue

Question asked by user2148364 on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by mtwalker

I currently am hosting a FM17 solution on FMServer16.  It is running on a Mac Mini, and the solution is on an external SSD Drive.  The "Enable Additional Database Folder" option is enabled, and the path points to the SSD.  Everything works great, unless....


Whenever the Mac does some sort of update, usually in the middle of the night, and the system reboots itself, the FM Solution disappears from the Database tab from the Activity section on FMS.  I found a way to correct this, by unchecking the Enable Additional Database Folder option, Saving, rechecking the option, and then opening the Database, which now reappears in the Activity section.


Once I figured out how to do this, it is an inconvenience at best, since the computer doesn't reboot all that often.  However, it does seem to happen on days that I'm not in the office that morning, and I have to either remotely access the system, or talk my staff through it. 


I was under the assumption that if FMS was interrupted, when it restart it would automatically restart any open database.  Could this be an external drive issue?  I've been lead to believe that you shouldn't host the solution on the same drive as FMS.