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Adventure 1 CVL and Same Table

Question asked by WF7A on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by philmodjunk

I've been playing with Phil C's very helpful Conditional Value List file, Adventure 1 CVL, that I learned about through here: CVL with values based on only one table, problems but try as I might, I'm flat-out being dense with trying to get the Hierarchical Conditional Value List example to work with same-table values (as discussed in the linked thread) so I'm hoping either you, Phil, or someone else can simplify the answer further so I can grok it.


A simple setup:


Two tables, LANDING_PAGE and STANDARD_INDICATOR; LANDING_PAGE has a switchboard with two value global fields, g_Program and g_Subject, which is where users will choose the values that will in turn, fire a script to find  appropriate records. It's these two fields where the value lists will appear.


_kpln is a primary key and _kfln is a foreign key.


STANDARD_INDICATOR stores the data where it has two fields, Program__lxt and Subject_Parent__lxt. Program__lxt is the "parent" in that it stores only two values, Elementary and Secondary. Subject_Parent__lxt stores about ten different