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MySql Connection Issue

Question asked by user375 on Oct 29, 2018

Has anyone experienced a performance issue with their MySql database when connected by FileMaker or windows Server via ODBC?


FM Server 15

Windows Server 2012 R2 with ODBC Unicode driver 5.3 (8.0 installed with same results).

Remote (Cloud) MySql (Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.5.21, for FreeBSD8.2 (amd64) using  5.2)

FMPro 15/16/17 clients


Issue: with a MySql ODBC connection established on the server, our LAMP website performance slows significantly. Removing the connection immediately shows a performance gain on the website. We have 2 internal FileMaker files connected to the same MySql ODBC datasource with tables populated in the ESS for accessing that remote data. I am not sure if it is purely the server connection causing this issue, or the fact that we have FileMaker Pro clients accessing the data via ESS, so this morning I removed the MySql remote data source from our 2 files while leaving the server connected to see if that makes a difference.


As it is now, we are turning the ODBC connection on every night on the server (via ODBC control panel) so that we can perform necessary import scripts, then turning it back off in the morning so that our website performs optimally. This cannot be a long-term approach and we need to discover what the core problem is to correct.


Our website is hosted and developed by a third-party so we have limited access to any tools or information on that server.


Any ideas of how to diagnose this?