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Leave a backdoor for editing a Locked Record

Question asked by gregstock on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by gregstock

Hi Folks, I have set up a Cal field for record locking based on a "Lock" or Access" content. I then use FMs privelages to make the records not accessable to editing. I would like to make sure that Admin Staff can still access the record - for whatever reason eg maybe to edit wrongly entered data that is sensitive. I understand that thro privelage sets I can do that - but would like to make it more a "deliberate need" to edit a locked record.

I have set up a Lock-Table with one record that has a Lock Field for each Table that may need to be accessed and a simple Global to link relationship. So if that Field is Changed from Locked to Unlocked the Cal field in the affected table changes from Lock to Access.  Once the edits are made the Amnin staff reset the Lock making the record safe from editing. I think this works OK. My concern is that when we go to FM Server enviroment - this may not stand up due to the Global field not refreshing on the server.

Am I overworking this and/or is there a simpler solution?