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I can't open my FileMaker database, the login window appears under task switcher but doesn't open

Question asked by ryanmead83 on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by greatgrey

I'm using FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 on Windows 10 Pro.  Today I went to open by database by double clicking it on the desktop but nothing happened.  No icon appears on the task bar or anything.  If I press ALT-TAB, it shows a thumbnail for the "Sign into" window asking for my username and password, but selecting it does nothing.  If I go to Task Manager it shows FileMaker is running even though it's not on the task bar, but I cannot bring the window into focus.  It's almost like when it's running on another monitor even though this is a laptop and I don't use an external display.  If I manually open FileMaker, it opens as normal, but if I select my database to open, FileMaker just freezes and doesn't do anything until I use Task Manager to kill it.  I've rebooted twice now, nothing I do will open my database.  I can't open any databases when I try, they all do the exact same thing.  I've only had FileMaker installed for a week on my new PC so don't really want to have to go through reinstalling it, really frustrated, any suggestions?