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Gathering fields from records in layout to populate other fields in records on different layout

Question asked by reverend on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by philmodjunk

Hello, I'm not a stranger to FMP, I have been a user since the 80's and there have been many advances since!  I have a script that generates random data in several fields across a defined (Loop generated) number of records in one central layout.  I would like to be able to parse the data from the various fields in the central layout to a different layout using one field that generates random numbers that would correspond to the record number of the central layout fields.




central layout

record 1     record 1 field1 data    record 1 field2 data     record 1 field3 data     record 1 field4 data

record 2     record 2 field1 data     record 2 field2 data     record 2 field3 data     record 2 field4 data

record 3     etc...


desired output for layout "parse"

new record number X field defined by RAND     record X field1 data     record X field2 data     record X field3 data


This data will be collected by choosing a random number in the "parse" layout of the record number in the central layout and then looking up the related data in the fields of that record.


I found this to be pretty simple back in the day.  I'm having trouble with the solution today.