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How to access info with one value for entire database?

Question asked by pm125 on Oct 28, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2018 by beverly

I have a table with many records, and I'd like to see, in a given record, some information that has one value for the entire database, like:


database size; user account name; current OS; date when present user previously logged in; instructions for specific procedures; etc.


I originally thought that global fields were meant for this purpose but I have learned that they are session-specific (if I understand this correctly)--which is great for other purposes but not for what I want to do.


My solution has been to create a table called Globals that contains a single record with the above items. In order to see this record from the table with data (called Clips), I create a relationship that guarantees that all records in Clips are related to the single record in Globals. I do this by creating a calculated field called Link in each table, and define it as a calculated field with value 1. The relationship is linked by the equality Globals:Link = Clips: Link.


This works but seems clunky and inefficient. It would have been efficient if I could avoid storing the Link field's results, but that does not work--the calculated field must be stored for this scheme to work.


Is there a better way to make single-value information available to a table of many records?