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Filtering of Portal records with global fields.

Question asked by ucharles on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2018 by beverly

It sounds so easy, manage to replicate it once but I tried it again I am just not getting it. Filtering.png


I manage to filter the above portal by class. In other words if choose 'cow' , 'bull' or 'heifer' the portal filters accordingly, but when I want to further the sort the portal based on the availability of of livestock, it wouldn't do. The portal is based on the livestock table, the anchor layout is based livestock_class TO which rely on Livestock source table. The global fields are defined as gCLASS and gAV_STATUS respectively. Both this global fields are dropdowns which get their values from livestock_class::class and livestock_class::av_status respectively. I tried painstakingly to make sure that they follow the same workflow. One is working and the other is not. What am I doing wrong?