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ODBC: stuck on configuring the driver

Question asked by on Oct 29, 2018
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I'm stuck configuring the ODBC driver and I cannot go anywhere; probably I'm missing something…

Here's what I need to do: I need to connect a Windows server running Microsoft Dynamics Nav2009 with a FM17 server to read the MS Nav datas.

While the Windows Server part was already configured, now I need to install and configure the ODBC driver on the Mac OS Server running FM Server.

Following the suggestion of the Dynamics Nav Technician I used the Microsoft tutorial to installed the ODBC driver (msodbcsql17 on the Mac Server. Here the instructions (in English) Installazione di Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server in Linux e macOS | Microsoft Docs


After this, using the ODBC Manager on Mac (available in "Applications:Utilities:ODBC Manager") I need to configure the driver. And now the problem: where is the driver file to indicate in the "Driver configuration" dialog? Same: where can I find the configuration file?


After finding these info, I should see the driver listed and I should be able to configure a "System/User DSN"; is it correct?


Any help, please? :-)

Ciao and Regards