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Is it possible to convert an Excel hyperlink to a URL in FileMaker?

Question asked by mbust on Oct 28, 2018
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I have an excel file that has a hyperlink column full of hyperlinks. I would like to import that file into FileMaker and have the hyperlinks converted to useful URLs, instead of their text reference. What happens now is that in Excel I get a cell that reads "Hello" but that is an active hyperlink, so when in Excel I click on it, it takes me to a link (usually a website). I would like to extract the URL using some function in FileMaker so that if it contains http or https, a button will become active in FileMaker and I could go to the website by using that button (but the button remains inactive if it is a link to a document or another area in Excel).


Unfortunately, when I import the excel document into FileMaker, the corresponding field in FileMaker gives me a plain text "Hello". The URL is nowhere to be seen, and thus, it seems, lost to FileMaker.


Is it possible to convert the hyperlink to a URL in FileMaker internally? Or is the only alternative to extract the URL outside FileMaker before importing?