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export destroys number formatting

Question asked by carukukatata on Oct 29, 2018
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Hey All,


thanks for any comment to my following problem in advance!


The situation:


I currently wrote a very basic (but very specific) export tool for my current filemaker DB.

Part of it is the "Export Records [ ]" function.

In one table (named "calculations") I have a field (named "version") which is a number field with the calculation value "Right ( "000" & Version ; 3 )" to always have a three digit number value. I use it as a number field to be able to version up from "001" to "002" for example (this version up's have no maximum value and need to work like "old version+1").


The problem:

After exporting the values of this field into an excel file everything get's a different formatting like:

001 --> 1

002 --> 2

003 --> 3

This results in weird problems for other fields, which are concatenations of several field entires (including this version-field).


Is there any way to avoid the formatting change and export my version field in the correct way like "001"?