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Are you looking for a new server, there are great news.

Question asked by planteg on Oct 30, 2018

This is not a question per se.


Apple announced new Mac mini. Rumors about Mac mini for Pros were true:


  • processors: 4-cores and 6-cores
  • Memory: up to 64 G . . . SO-DIMM
  • Connectivity: Ethernet Gigabit and 10 Gigabit
  • Entry level 4-core i3 US $ 799.00
  • Available November 7h
  • And much more


Don't rush to Apple site, not yet there - probably will once the event is finished.




at 11:42 EDT only 2 configurations for Canada displayed: a 4-core i3 and a 6-core i5. I know there will be 6-core i7.